New Beginnings 12-part documentary podcast series

Aug 11, 2019 | A.C.T. News

New Beginnings image

New Beginnings explores the personal stories of migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees in Canberra and Australia.

New Beginnings is the result of over fifty interviews, including the shared stories of migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and the professional insights of educators, academics, community leaders and stakeholders.

One of the main aims of the documentary series is to ask, “Why are English language programs so important in Canberra and how has immigration shaped the Australian Capital Territory and Australia?

It includes interviews with teachers from the SIEC and Refugee Bridging Program at Dickson College, from CIT, our VP Helen Moore, as well as people from Companion House, local community leaders and academics, and more.

Each thirty-minute episode is presented as a stand-alone program and can be listened to sequentially as an interconnected twelve-part audio podcast documentary series.

Find out more and listen to the whole series here: