ATESOL ACT has created a special account to assist members to attend ACTA conferences. Funding (up to $1000 each) is mainly to off-set the conference registration fee. It is allocated according to availability of funds in the account and according the points system in the Table below.

You can apply for support at the time when abstracts are called for in the conference year. Write to

The conditions for receiving support are: 

    1. you are a financial, honorary or student member of ATESOL ACT
    2. once your abstract has been accepted, you offer our Association members an opportunity to hear your paper before the conference, giving you an invaluable opportunity to try out your presentation on an interested audience
    3. copies of the conference registration and other relevant receipts and proof attendance are sent to the ATESOL ACT President and Treasurer after the conference.

You may also be asked to provide a short report for publication in an ATESOL ACT newsletter.




1. ATESOL ACT member whose paper is accepted for the ACTA conference. 5
2. ATESOL ACT member who has organised or presented PD for ATESOL ACT or ACTA since the last ACTA conference or, as agreed by the ATESOL ACT Committee otherwise contributed to TESOL professionally (e.g. journal article, submission) 3


3. ATESOL ACT President 4
4. ACTA President 4
5. ATESOL ACT Treasurer/ Secretary/ Event Co-ordinator/ Website Editor/ Working Party Convenor 3
6. ACTA Vice-President/ Treasurer/ Secretary/ Website Editor/ Working Group Convenor 3
7. ATESOL ACT ACTA Councillor 1
8. ATESOL ACT Committee member 1