Our Working Parties focus on particular issues and tasks. They are led by Committee members but we would love to include more people from outside the Committee.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with us here: Contact Us

Events Working Party

The Schools and Adults Working Parties have been combined to focus on Events.

We seek to organise practical professional learning events that are interesting and relevant to
EAL/D teachers in all sectors – primary, secondary, senior college, adult, TAFE and

For 2023, we hope to hold two events per term – one a formal presentation and the second
more informal.

To achieve this goal, we need more Committee members!

Communications Working Party

The Communications Working Party is responsible for keeping in contact with members and
the wider mailing list, particularly through the website and social media.

This Group needs a convenor. They will be supported in all things technical by our talented
processional website developer. Our updated and revised website is the product of his work!

We would dearly love to have a newsletter writer in this group!

Membership Working Party

The Membership Working Group meets regularly to discuss how to meet the needs and
interests of our existing and potential membership.

We’ve investigated different ways of communicating more effectively with ATESOL ACT
members and continued to navigate changing landscapes due to the evolving nature of the

We have analysed data from previous events and professional learning opportunities,
comparing these with comments and further suggestions from participants.

We are hoping to extend our contacts with existing and potential student members.